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Viking Coffee Maker

Thank you for visiting our website. On this site we are going to be discussing the popular Viking coffee maker. This is a professionally designed coffee maker, which is aimed at home and office users. This machine is a bit on the expense side when compared to some of the cheaper brands, so is it worth the extra cost? Before we have a look at the coffee machine itself, lets have a brief look at the Viking company and brand, so you can get an idea of how reputable the company is.
The Viking Range was formed in 1980 in Greenwood, Mississippi by a man called Fred Carl. He was building his new home, and he looked for a range of premium kitchenware to fit in with his new home. He was after something that was suited for home use, but that had a professional quality of design and results. After searching for a while, he discovered that no such range of appliances existed that fitted what he had in mind. Thus he decided to design a range himself, and he found a company in California that would build the designs for him. After 7 years of design and tweaking, the first Viking stoves officially hit the consumer markets, but were all quickly snapped up due to the high demand. By the year 2000, the company had such a demand for their products that they had built three of their own production plants to keep up with the demand. Since then they have branched out to build and design many other kinds of kitchen and home appliances, all of which feature the extensive research and designs of that first signature model.

Now lets have a look at the Viking Coffee maker in detail. The size of the machine is 9″ W x 15″ H x 11.5″ D, so it is quite similar in size to competing products. The machine itself has the ability to brew up to 12 cups of coffee, although the number of cups can be quickly set using the button on the front of the machine. There are two color schemes available, as can be seen in the pictures at the top of the page. One is the fully stainless steel model which looks very elegant, and the other is partially stainless steel with the sides being covered in a black finish. Both color choices look really great, so in our opinion it is quite tough trying to pick between then. The carafe on both models is the same, and it is fully stainless steel with the lid having a black trim. The lcd on the front has a bright blue back light, which contrasts very well against he stainless steel finish of the machine. On the front there is a button to power the machine on or off, the number of cups button, a button to adjust the clock, the brew button, and the button to program the machine. The lcd also displays various icons related to what the machine is currently doing when it is operational. The machine makes use of what is called “Sure-Temp” technology”.  Essentially what this system does is make sure that the coffee is brewed at the optimal temperature (195° to 205°) for the correct amount of time to ensure you get the very best tasting cup of coffee.

The thermal carafe is made out of double walled material, which ensures you get the hottest coffee without any residual taste. The carafe can keep the coffee warm for several hours thanks to the double walled insulation. The handle of the Viking coffee maker carafe is ergonomically designed, and the well designed spout ensures that none of the coffee is spilled when you are pouring a cup. A nice little extra is that the machine can brew tea. This is done by using the mesh basket which is inserted into the carafe, and this mesh basket will hold your tea bag or leaves.There is a button on the top which allows you to switch to the hot water bypass. This ensures that your cup of tea will not have any coffee aftertaste, and vice versa.
If you are in a hurry for your cup of coffee, then you might want to make use of the Brew Break option. This allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is complete, allowing you to get your coffee in a rush if necessary. The reservoir tank and the brew basket are both removable, which makes filling them up a little easier. The carbon water filter aims to remove the impurities from the water before it is brewed, and replacement packs are fairly cheap and easily found online. These should be replaced roughly every 3 months under normal operation conditions, but this can be longer or shorter depending on what kind of water you have in your area. Using filtered water is the ideal way to prolong the life of the filter, and prevent any calcium from building up in the machine. The machine will however notify you when it is time to “de-calcify” it, and this will appear on your lcd screen as “dcl”. The procedure to de-calcify the machine is fairly easy to do, and this generally involves running the machine with some cold water and vinegar which will remove all the calcium deposits, and help to keep the Viking coffee machine in top operating condition.

That is the basic summary of the machine and the various features it comes with. We think it is a very fine choice for a quality coffee maker, and it should last you for many years if you change the filters when required and de-calcify when necessary. The Viking coffee maker has a retail price of $299, but you will often find it for sale around the $200 mark which is an exception deal. The 3 pack of filters generally costs around $19.99, and these should last you roughly a year or so if you have decent quality water. Otherwise you could opt for the 6 pack, which tends to be a little cheaper at around $34.99. This model comes with a one year limited warranty, which is more or less in line with what most coffee makers have these days.